We’re Stefanie & Tim, the owners of KCPC!

We’re also the packers of boxes, the image selectors, the sales team, the figure-outterers of whatever needs figured out and the sole financiers. We’re partners in this wild ride called life, parents to two young kids, and best friends.

We founded the Kansas City Puzzle Company as a fun side hustle from our love of puzzling.  Whether puzzling individually or creating memories with family and friends, puzzles are always fun and engaging.  Their tactile nature makes them relaxing and meditative while offering stimulating challenges.  All while helping us grow cognitively and allowing us to discover artistic details that might’ve gone overlooked.

We might be a teensy, tiny company in the grand scheme of things, but we use the best quality puzzle manufacturer out there.  We’re proud that our high quality puzzles are made in the U.S.A. of 100% recycled materials, soy-based inks, and biodegradable plastic packaging.  Our tight fitting, interlocking pieces and premium puzzle matte finish provides an extraordinary puzzling experience.  And we try to find the most fun and heartfelt images for Kansas City we can. The same is true as we continue to grow to other cities.

This isn’t our full time gig yet, but it is our full time passion! We don’t have any formal training or experience in anything even remotely related to a puzzle company. We both worked in the service industry as servers and bartenders, and Tim is a Mailman. We’re learning as we go, walking until we hit a wall, and bootstrapping our money and experience. It’s both tons of fun and extremely stressful. But the idea is the thing, and we love it!

Thanks for reading! And thank you for supporting! 

Happy Puzzling!